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Spexxx is a tactical dice game for the entire family!
Tactical ánd dice? Yes, that is correct!
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Kwis 't!

Kwis 't! is a quiz game in which you score points with bluffing, calling ánd knowledge.



Hi! I am Ruurd.
I used to hate games... and love them.

As long as... (read on below)


Hi fellow board gamer!
I am Ruben and games are my true passion. How did I become a game designer?

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Spexxx is a tactical dice game. You can score points by placing three of your own cubes in a row. If you place your cubes tactically, you create more scoring options. Don't forget to cash in your points in time, because you might get blocked!

Will you play safely and score fewer points or will you take risks in order to score more points? Keep an eye on your opponents and cross them at the right moment.

Risk, luck and tactics go hand in hand, with a different outcome every time!

Have fun!

Game designer Ruurd Lammers explains Spexxx (in English) at Spiel 2014
The Dice Tower (English)

Kwis 't!

Kwis ‘t! is a game of answering questions, bluffing and calling bluf. Correct answers will give you points. Besides that, you earn bonus points by successfully bluffing and/or calling. The player with most points in total at the end of the game wins.

Table talk, a poker face and factual knowledge all lead to points. The winner is probably the one who is able to combine these optimally.

Enjoy our trivia-party game!


As long as I can remember I'm playing games. I have got an older brother to look up to and win games from. I loved and hated games, because I couldn't stand losing and loved to win.

With Ruben I started playing the game 'Hotel' and later on 'Settlers of Catan'. We were triggered to distribute games by a Chinese game which was unknown in The Netherlands, at least we thought. It turned out to exist in a slightly different form. But the seed was planted: How cool would it be to publish a game of our own?!

Ruben and I are complementary in many things. So, "working" together on games is great. 

After publishing Spexxx my dream came true! But, like gaming: it's addictive!


My passion for board games started early. When I was young I played Hotel, Risk, Yatzhee and Rummikub a lot.

I joined the Catan-hype and after that I ran into a game that had not been published yet, I thought. Unfortunately, it was similar to Tichu, but the seed to create an own game was planted.

The idea of Spexxx was born and we drew a first version of the game board of Spexxx by hand. After numerous test games it was ready for production. Designing and producing it made our first seed a young tree. We pulled it off again with Kwis 't! 

I am really proud that we actually succeeded in publishing two board games. And it feels like more....